About Us

At Microplay Reading, we have been serving the needs of gamers for over 20 years.  We buy, sell, and trade games and consoles, as well as some miscellaneous items, including toys and movies.  As an independent store, we work hard to provide fast, quality service at a cheap price.  Recently branching out onto Ebay and Amazon (2010), we are now able to reach a much broader audience online as well as in the store.  Our storefront is located at 3045 North 5th St. Suite 9, Reading, PA.  Both there and online, we sell both new and used games from virtually any system, ranging from NES to PS4.  We have a dedicated and knowledgeable staff that have the ability to answer most questions posed to them.

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You can contact us over the phone or email at 610-939-9496 or microplaygames@gmail.com

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